How to report a crime in Paris if you speak English

If you have just been part of a crime then the advice from the Prefecture de Police English website is to, If you need help, assistance or intervention, you can call the operators at the central Parisian police station or the inner suburbs department 24 hours a day. In an emergency, dial 17 for the […]

Learning French in Paris, Leçon 3 – 5

Addition and Subtraction Symbol French + Plus – Moins / Divisé * Fois = Egal Cinq plus sept egal douze.Onze plus huit egal dix-neuf.Un plus un egal deux. Dix moins quatre egal six.Cinq moins cinq egal zéro.Quatre moins deux egal deux. Sept divisé deux egal tois virgule cinq.Dix-huit divisé tois egal six.Vingt divisé quatre egal […]

Learning French in Paris, Leçon 3 – 3

Capital letters French uses capital letters in exactly the same way as English does with capitals (majuscules) used at the, Beginning of phrases Beginning of names And minusclules used everywhere else. Conjugations of the verb Avoir (to have) Avoir is an irregular verb which means that it doesn’t follow the usual rules for I, you, […]

Learning French in Paris, Leçon 3 – 2

Syllables, grouping and accent The amount of syllables in a sentence can change depending on liaisons as can their groupings. At the end of each grouping the tone of voice should be raised except for the final one where it should only rise if the sentence is a question. J’ha/bi/te à /Pa/ris. J’ha/bite /quai/ Saint/-Mi/chael/, […]