Is the Daily Blog censoring it’s comments?

The Daily Blog describes itself as uniting 40 of the,”Top Left-Wing Political Commentators and Progressive Opinion Shapers” and is edited by Martin Bradbury. How it has come to my attention is that a friend of mine sent me an email saying, Suzie Dawson was guest blogging there He had tried to comment and anything questioning […]

Suzie Dawson and the Whistle-blower

This is the story of how I have ended up in the unenviable position of whistle-blowing on Suzie Dawson and Internet Party New Zealand. It all came to a head for in March of 2019 when I wrote a post called Who is Suzie Dawson: Exile or Fraud? In it I questioned her claims, her […]

Letter of Complaint to Jo Booth (Internet Party secretary) 26/06/2019

In another effort to get the Internet Party Secretary Jo Booth to start disciplinary action against Suzie Dawson I have laid another official complaint. So far I have done so for, Suspected fraud Using the deaths of people for promotion Ripping off a retired man And in each case I have provided evidence of my […]