Prelude to a holiday

Broken tent pole

It appears that not much planning can lead to not much going right and in the case of this journey there have been a number of things that haven’t gone according to my hemi-demi-semi-plan. Firstly, my tent pole broke. On the bright side this motivated me to also buy some tent wash and waterproofing agent …

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Stony Bay to Colville


Waking up this morning was great. It was quiet, the sun was drying the dew off the fly, and I felt rested. Actually, I had a great sleep. By the time everybody else was crawling out of their campervans I was packed up and striding off. Last in and first out. It made me think …

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Colville to Coromandel

Coromandel Highway

I think Fred dropped me back to the campground at about eleven o’clock so I was a little bit groggy the next morning. I made it to the Colville Store shortly before eight and had a couple of pies for breakfast before starting along the road towards Coromandel. According to the NZ Topo maps there …

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Waiomu to Kauaeranga

Waiomu Track

There is a bit of a gap in the ridge-line tracks after Coromandel and the next piece starts halfway up the Tapu-Coroglen road. I went to isite in Coromandel in the morning though and one of the woman said that instead of going up there you could go to Waiomu and walk up from there. …

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