Create, share, communicate, chat and call securely with Riot

Riot is an open, private and secure messenger application built with Matrix that allows you to chat, exchange files, make voice or video calls and conference. It also allows you to bridge other networks as well so you can use the Matrix ecosystems to talk in an IRC room as well. To install Riot messenger […]

Clevo N871EL 17.3″ MX150 Graphical Designer and KDE neon

Eventually, after a lot of searching around, I decided I was going to get a new computer. It also ended up that I didn’t get any of the ones from my previous list although I did stick with NovaCustom for my purchase which went very well. They are well priced, friendly, helpful and delivered on […]

Encrypted messaging on KDE neon with Signal

Signal messenger is an end to end encrypted applications that can be installed on KDE neon and is also available on Andriod, iPhone, Windows and Mac. It’s basic functions are encrypted text and video messaging which it does very well and very easily compared to many other applications. Signal is primarily tied to a cell […]