Downloading websites from the Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine Downloader

The Wayback Machine is an archive of the web, which is to say that it crawls the Internet looking for websites and then saves them. It might seem like a simple thing but it is also very important. A lot of the Web disappears fairly often, especially with news sites. Every time they update their …

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Samba file sharing setup


Samba is the open source version of the protocol that Windows machines use to share files. It is useful because it is fairly well supported on Linux, Mac and Windows machines although Windows likes to change things to make it harder sometimes. The steps below will set up a simple share using the Public folder …

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Free VPN with OpenVPN, KDE Neon and ProtonVPN setup


To do this you are going to need a Protonmail or ProtonVPN account (the accounts are bridged so having one is having the other) and KDE neon installed. I am using 18.04 but it should work on any Debian based KDE distribution. RPM based distros will require changing a couple of commands but I will …

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Batch convert PDF to JPG


So, last night I needed to batch convert PDF files called v35_22_31_Auckland.pdf into JPG. Or to put it another way separate out the PDF’s pages and convert them into JPG images. I tried it a couple of ways including Converseen which did the job but renamed all the files badly and changed the image size …

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