Web development on KDE neon with XAMPP

XAMPP is an easy to use installer to create a pre-built LAMP stack on your machine. That sounds a lot more technical than it is. Basically it installs a web server onto your computer so you can access the files through your browser and the actual files being served as an aid to web-development. You […]

HTML with Bluefish

Bluefish is an extremely powerful text based HTML editor. Actually it is more than that. It also has support for over twenty other languages including C++, D, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby…well, the list goes on. What is does is make editing easy, especially for multi-document projects like a website. To quote Wikipedia, Bluefish fills […]

Learning Java on KDE neon

Probably the best way to learn the basics of Java on KDE neon is to complete the University of Helsinki’s MOOC’s entitled, Object-Oriented programming with Java, part I Object-Oriented programming with Java, part II Both courses are free and you can progress from a student with no prior knowledge of programming to being able to […]