Did the Internet Party enter the 2017 Election with less than 500 members?

In previous conversations with the Executive they have stood firm in saying that they had over five hundred members at the 2017 Election. This is of course the amount of members needed for a Party to be able to legally contest the election. Jo Booth, the Party Secretary has stated, To date, I have confidence […]

Guest post by Fred Look: Internet Party Secretary from April 2015 to June 2017

After reading Conversations with the Internet Party Executive starting 14/06/2018 and Conversations with the Internet Party Executive starting 28/02/2019 Fred Look asked to guest post in his own voice to refute some of the specific allegations made in those posts. I have edited the formatting somewhat for easier reading but these words are his own. […]

Letter of Complaint to Jo Booth (Internet Party Secretary) 10/06/2019

I have been informed that Suzie Dawson has taken a substantial personal loan from a party member and refused to pay it back. If this is true then every person on the Executive who knew about it should resign in disgrace and Suzie should be removed from membership and the Party. It is unbelievable that […]

Suzie Dawson refuses to pay back a private loan from a Party Member

Fred Look, previously the Internet Party Secretary, contacted me about an $8000 private loan that Suzie Dawson refused to pay back to him. My understanding of this is that in early 2017 Suzie said she needed money. Fred, being the trusting soul that he is, sent her two deposits of $4000 as a private (not […]

Fred Look

Fred Look was the Secretary of the Internet Party but left after Suzie Dawson became Leader citing her raising of unauthorised contracts for which he was responsible as Secretary. Later he also cites other examples of Suzies leadership failures including, Raising invoices after the event to pay off contracts out of the broadcasting allocation for […]