Is the Daily Blog censoring it’s comments?

The Daily Blog describes itself as uniting 40 of the,”Top Left-Wing Political Commentators and Progressive Opinion Shapers” and is edited by Martin Bradbury. How it has come to my attention is that a friend of mine sent me an email saying, Suzie Dawson was guest blogging there He had tried to comment and anything questioning […]

Using the Christchurch terror attacks for page hits

In the early afternoon on the 15th of March, 2019 a man entered the Al Noor Mosque and opened fire on the occupants, killing many of them. Afterwards he travelled to the Linwood Islamic Centre to continue his killing spree. In all, there were 52 New Zealanders killed and 49 injured. Apparently*, five hours later […]

Did the Internet Party enter the 2017 Election with less than 500 members?

In previous conversations with the Executive they have stood firm in saying that they had over five hundred members at the 2017 Election. This is of course the amount of members needed for a Party to be able to legally contest the election. Jo Booth, the Party Secretary has stated, To date, I have confidence […]

Guest post by Fred Look: Internet Party Secretary from April 2015 to June 2017

After reading Conversations with the Internet Party Executive starting 14/06/2018 and Conversations with the Internet Party Executive starting 28/02/2019 Fred Look asked to guest post in his own voice to refute some of the specific allegations made in those posts. I have edited the formatting somewhat for easier reading but these words are his own. […]

Conversations with the Internet Party Executive starting 28/02/2019

These conversations are internal party conversations between myself and the Executive, although mainly with Suzie Dawson as the other Executive seem to run and get her as soon as people start asking questions or demanding answers. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t release these but the people involved are all political, public figures except for me […]