Why we shouldn’t ban books in New Zealand

I have been waiting around for my brain to kick into gear over the banning of the shooters manifesto in the Christchurch Mosque Shootings. I can understand the banning of the video as watching someone’s pain and suffering is not needed to understand the motivation behind it, at least not for me. At the time […]

How the Harmful Digital Communications Act can be misused

In New Zealand the Government tried to address the problem of online bullying by creating the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015. The Act creates ten communication principles and then sets out the process for dealing with breaches of the principles. Those principles are that a digital communication should not; disclose sensitive personal facts about a […]

Huawei: Guilty even if proven innocent?

Huawei has been in the news rather a lot lately with the United States urging it allies to stop buying it’s equipment, the GCSB rejecting Sparks bid to use it on the rollout of the New Zealand 5G network, Google banning apps from its phones, and on and on. The problem with this is that […]

Nothing To Hide – The documentary

‘Nothing to hide‘ is a mainly European and United States focused documentary exploring the reality behind the statement “I have nothing to hide.” This is an expression of the ‘Nothing to hide’ argument that became common after the Snowden revelations of 2013. Researched and directed by Mihaela Gladovic and Marc Meillassoux, the documentary interviews people […]