What happened to Internet Party NZ?

In short, Suzie Dawson happened to Internet Party New Zealand(IPNZ). Under her ‘leadership’ the Party has been de-registered and gutted of both New Zealand members and executive until at the last AGM it appeared to only consist of 12 New Zealand members and 4 executive This is both an explanation of the fall of IPNZ […]

Fulfilling the Internet Party New Zealand Objectives

Almost two years after the catastrophic loss in the 2017 elections, what are the Internet Party Executive doing to progress the objectives of the Party? Unfortunately, the short answer to this is that little to no progress in the objectives has been made since the 2017 election. Under the leadership of Daymond Goulder-Horobin, Jo Booth, […]

Democracy, censorship and gun control

There is a problem revealing itself in the countries of the so called west which is becoming a bit of a Catch 22 for them. Technological progress is increasing the power of the individual. This is being shown in a myriad of ways but two of the most visible are in gun control and control […]

Who is Suzie Dawson? Exile or Fraud.

Suzie Dawson (or Suzi3D) is an activist and journalist who is currently the President of the Internet Party New Zealand (IPNZ) who has sought asylum in Russia after the New Zealand and other governments broke into her house, tampered with her car, interfered with her relationships and communications, her bank account, targeted her physically, physically […]