Te Araroa gear list


This is a bit of a simple gear list and it isn’t quite finished but should give people some idea of what I am carrying. Most of it was bought at Living Simply with hours of help from Chris….Thanks, Chris! I have matched it up against the prime list given on the Te Araroa site. …

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T.A. Book List

I have scrambled around to come up with a book list. The major problem being that if I haven’t read a book then I don’t know what it is about. Eventually, I sent an email to the universities who all failed to come up with any ideas. Their only replies consisted of,”as you aren’t a student …

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0 – 12 Ahipara to Twilight

Cape Maria van Diemen

Actually, this will start a little further back than Ahipara…… Dad and I traveled up from Auckland on Monday, firstly to Kaiwaka to see Ashley and Aubrey, Kaikohe for lunch, and then to Ahipara to stay the night at the YHA and hopefully pick up any news from hikers who had just finished 90 mile. …

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