Rclone is rsync for cloud storage and I wanted to use it because it includes WebDav as one of the protocols it can access. There are about twenty others. It is quite cool. You can run it to sync to everything from Alibaba Cloud to Yandex Disk. In my case I wanted to use it …

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Add local folder to Nextcloud Snap as External Storage

After setting up my Ubuntu Server as a home server I wanted to make Nextcloud mount my network shared folder so I could alter files through the Nextcloud interface. First I installed the Nextcloud removable media snap with, which meant that the Nextcloud Snap would be able to access removable media (eg; anything mounted under …

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Baloo file index and extraction problems

Baloo file indexer

The Baloo file indexer is the KDE neon process that creates a database for use in file search. Usually it works just fine but sometimes after a new install using an old home folder it starts briefly locking the computer every minute or so as it uses all the resources. This is very annoying. Top …

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