Failed to retrieve share list from server


This has bugged me for a while as I fixed it and then it reoccurred probably after Windows updated. The problem was that I was unable to connect Ubuntu 16.04 to my Windows 7 box. It wasn’t the firewalls and none of the usual fixes seemed to work until I ran into this page. All …

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Convert and split large audio files


Flacon Flacon is an audio file encoder that extracts individual tracks from one big audio file and separates them into different tracks. It can also convert them in the process. Flacon is available for many Linux distributions and can be installed on KDE neon with an easy. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flacon sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get …

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Batch convert PDF to JPG


So, last night I needed to batch convert PDF files called v35_22_31_Auckland.pdf into JPG. Or to put it another way separate out the PDF’s pages and convert them into JPG images. I tried it a couple of ways including Converseen which did the job but renamed all the files badly and changed the image size …

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