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Catherines to La Basitide

The next day it was decided that we would do the part of the GR70 to La Bastide that we missed last time including the monastery that we missed having taken our shortcut. Bert is also getting picked up there as he needs to return to Le Puy to catch the train to go and see his Grandparents in Germany. But first Angelynn needed to play some tennis. Firstly because she has a mild tennis addiction currently and secondly because Catherine and Remy have built themselves an indoor court in the barn. This slightly changes the rules of the game as there are suddenly stone walls all around the court and you don't want yourself to run into them. Updated ruleset is that if the ball hits the wall it is out. This encourages straight shots.

After tennis Remy drove us back to Lavyrune where he dutifully posed for photos with Bert so Bert could show them to his friends. Unfortunately, after a sunny morning the clouds were beginning to roll in with the occasional grumble of thunder in the distance. Then it was raining and eventually we found some shelter in some ruins. Bert's jacket was one knows why. Angelynns rain coat wasn't waterproof, etc...ill prepared. Thankfully it was't far to the monastery which was quite interesting and had the greatest shop for buying food as it stocked all the goods made by monks and nuns in the area.

After wandering the grounds and shop for a time Bert's bus came and he left us to walk back to La Bastide on our own. I was pretty sick of camping at this stage so Angelynn and I had booked a room in the village so we could have a fresh early start in the morning.