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Change road markings to reflect speed

masonbee Ideas

I don't what everybody else thinks but there seems to be a lot more changes in road speed than there used to be when I learned to drive. Perhaps I am just getting older? It is worse in areas you don't know as well, you have to keep an eye on your speed and where the signs are and the traffic and where you are going and you missed a speed sign and etc...

It might be a lot easier if we just changed the colour of the centre line to reflect the areas speed zone. Most of the country is probably 100km so we could keep the white for that and then go through colour spectrum for the others.

Or how about making it Morse code or something so colour blind people can read it as well? Anything. Otherwise you miss a road sign and you spend a long time travelling along at 50km while people get irate behind you as you are actually in a 100, or 60, or 70, or 75, or 80, or 90, or 110km zone.