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Change where screenshots are saved in KDE

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Screenshots are a great tool but by default they are saved to your Picture folder in KDE and eventually you open it up to find fifty or so of them waiting to be sorted out.

Fortunately, this behaviour is easy to change. The program that takes screenshots in KDE neon is called Spectacle and can be found in the Main Menu either by searching for Spectacle or by navigating to Applications/Utilities/Spectacle.

After opening Spectacle, a process that humorously takes a screenshot, you will see a configure button on the left at the base. Selecting that will open the General settings and on the left you will see another option called Save. After selecting Save the first option is a file pajth that becomes the default save path for screenshots. Change it to where ever you have permissions (I created a new folder in Pictures called Screenshots and choose to save them all there), select OK and that is it.