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Clevo N871EL 17.3″ MX150 Graphical Designer and KDE neon

masonbee Review

Eventually, after a lot of searching around, I decided I was going to get a new computer. It also ended up that I didn't get any of the ones from my previous list although I did stick with NovaCustom for my purchase which went very well. They are well priced, friendly, helpful and delivered on time.....just great. Dell should talk to them.

Really, they were great. When I said that I wanted to install myself they even sent me an email with a workaround if I had problems with the Nvidia card.

"Kubuntu might hang while installing or after install because of the nouveau driver. You could use nomodeset temporarily to avoid the system to hung (if it does). You can set the kernel parameters 'acpi_osi=! acpi_osi= Linux' without quotes by replacing this text instead of 'quiet splash' in the file: /etc/default/grub (sudo nano /etc/default/grub in a terminal to change this file)."

KDE neon installed fine though so the advice wasn't needed but it made me very happy.

That being said, if KDE neon installs without a hitch then all of the Ubuntu 18.04 operating systems should. Thus far everything works and has been detected automatically. All I did to get it to a perfect working state is to click "Install third party software" and "Download updates while installing".

If I was to have a criticism it is that the fan is a touch noisy and it seems to run quite hot but with a two year warranty I think I will be fine. :)

Clevo N871EL 17.3″ MX150 Graphical Designer specs

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8300H Quad Core @2,3GHz 8MB cache
  • Video card: N871EL Nvidia GeForce MX-150 2048MB GDDR5
  • Memory slot 1: 8 GB Kingston DDR4 SODIMM 2666
  • MHzMemory slot 2: No second memory module.
  • PCI-e SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 250 GB PLUS @3.500/2.300MB/s (read/write)
  • S-ATA Storage drive: Seagate Barracuda Compute 1 TB @140MB/s (read)
  • Thermal paste: Phobya NanoGrease Extreme thermal paste for good cooling and performance (thermal conductivity 16 W/mK)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth: Intel AC-9260 WiFi module 1730Mbps, 802.11AC + Bluetooth 5.0
  • Keyboard version: United States (international and NL) QWERTY
  • Plug: European power cord (Schuko)Cable length: 1m/2m cable(s)
  • Warranty: 24 Months of warranty on the product and components + 30 days of dead pixel guarantee