Create and manipulate images with Krita

Krita is the KDE version of GIMP or Photoshop. Actually, it is more than that. For the past ten years it has focused on cartoonists, illustrators, and concept artists in addition to image manipulation until today it is a painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry.

You can still use it to easily manipulate images though with most of the simple options such as crop, color and shape selector are on the left hand side. Other more complex tools and filters such as Raindrops are in the top menus.


To install Krita on Kubuntu 20.04 open up Konsole and type,

sudo apt install krita

After installation Krita can get started either by searching in the Applications menu or by navigating to Applications/Graphis/Krita.

Further information

  • by Halla Rempt
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    One last bugfix release before Krita 5.0! We found a nasty bug on MacOS, and while we’re on the cusp of finishing up Krita 5.0, we didn’t want to leave MacOS users in the cold till then. Set ElideRight for the tabs in the mdiarea. (Bug 433640) If loading the image fails too often, stop […]
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    This year, like every year since its inception, Krita participates in the abbreviated version of the Google Summer of Code program. It’s shorter than it used to be, but let’s see what our students are going to do! Santosh will be working on making more operations work with multiple selected layers. You can read his […]
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    This month, we’re campaigning for our brand-new Development Fund! Based on Blender’s development fund code, we now have an updated donation system where everyone can manage their own subscriptions. Join the campaign and become a member on Krita: created by the community Krita has always been free and open source software. Hundreds of people […]

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