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Create in Libre Office

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If you want to create or read documents of many kinds then Libre Office will serve you well. Not just writing either, spreadsheets, databases, drawing, presentations and maths are all catered for and, in the hands of the Document Foundation, constantly improving.

To install Libre Office in KDE neon open up Konsole and type,

sudo apt install libreoffice

and enter. You will possibly need to enter your admin password as well.

After installation you can find each of the components of Libre Office in the Applications Menu by either searching for their name or by navigating to Applications/Office.

Libre Office components

  • Base - Databases
  • Calc - Spreadsheets
  • Draw - Diagrams
  • Impress - Presentations
  • Math - Formula editing
  • Writer - Word processing


It has to be said that I don't use office components a lot so my knowledge is pretty much limited to spreadsheets and writing. However there are a few things I have picked up such as using extensions which can be found here. The main reason I know that is that I like to have the New Zealand dictionary extension.

Another handy thing you can do in Libre Office is create a PDF, or rather create a document and then export to PDF.

Apart from that (for me at least) it is pretty much like other office suites except a lot better at dealing with multiple formats. There are still problems dealing with complex Microsoft documents but then, rather humourously, there are reports of Libre Office being able to open old Microsoft formats that they no longer can.