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Daymond Goulder-Horobin

Daymond Goulder-Horobin was one of the people who Suzie Dawson bought onto the executive of the Internet Party and has been firmly in her court the entire time. He stood as a candidate in the 2017 Election and is currently IP Policy Chairman and a member of the executive.

Apart from that he doesn't seem to do anything. As policy chairman he has not put any policy forth nor created any group in order to create policy. He appears to dabble in this and that not actually do anything at all.

His major failure, in my eyes, was not making a submission on the Privacy Bill, probably the most important Bill with concern to the Party to be passing through parliament that year that was sponsored by the head of the GCSB.

In many ways this is a great example of Suzie Dawson and the other Executive failing both the Internet Party and New Zealand. The Privacy Bill directly impacted on the Party's objectives and was sponsored by the Minister of the GCSB who had included blanket exemptions for the security services and yet Suzie and Daymond knew nothing about it.

Later, when I reminded Daymond that submissions on the Copyright Bill were closing in a few days time he had no idea about that as well. As an executive member he would appear to have been almost as much of a failure as Suzie.

In 2020 it also appears that Daymond was a list candidate for Advance New Zealand, a party that campaigned in the New Zealand 2020 election. A Party that was ordered to remove election advertising claiming,"COVID-19 deaths were comparable to the seasonal flu" by the Advertising Standards Authority.

His bio reads;

Daymond attended University and attained a masters degree in Economics from AUT and a graduate diploma in data analytics. He supports groups that stand against corruption. 

"I am a truth-seeker. I'm passionate about searching for new information to get a better understanding about the world around us."

Daymond's priorities are to:

  • End the lockdown nonsense and reopen our economy, and to find and present the truth on what is really going on at the moment.
  • Review government departments to ensure processes are followed lawfully such as GCSB/NZSIS and internal/external affairs.
  • Hold the state to account for making the NZ Police pretend like they can enforce certain lockdown rules when they cannot

Daymond believes in sovereignty and transparency. His goal if elected to Parliament is to search for and present the truth about how the system really works so constituents can make informed decisions about their lives. Daymond believes that this government has not been transparent and he will endeavour to bring hidden information to light. "Together we will free ourselves of the hold they have over us and set the record straight."