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Delete Facebook Now!

masonbee Privacy

It is imperative that you delete Facebook now and that includes it's subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp. In the last year Facebook has been associated with;

This is on top of their business model to collect users data and use it to sell them products.

Now it has been revealed that Facebook has a global network of lobbyists working against data privacy legislation. They have revealed,

a secretive global lobbying operation targeting hundreds of legislators and regulators in an attempt to procure influence across the world, including in the UK, US, Canada, India, Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia and all 28 states of the EU.

The Guardian: Revealed: Facebook’s global lobbying against data privacy laws

Basically, if you are still on Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp still then you are actively helping them to use society for their own profit no matter what the cost to others. You choose. It's your choice.