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Did the assassination attempt on activist Suzie Dawson really happen?

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One of the more interesting claims by Suzie Dawson is that she was targeted for assassination, presumably by the New Zealand authorities at the behest of the United States.

In A Diary of a Person of Interest Suzie refers to being targeted in the following way,

In my case, on Mother’s Day no less, they tried to drive me off a cliff. They had a car pull out in front of me, at a township in a rural area, and a car pull out behind me, and then those two cars were used to box us in and to control our speed so that we couldn’t drop back and we couldn’t go forward and we couldn’t get around, because we were in this windy clifftop area in this rural part of Northland in New Zealand. Then once they controlled our movement and our speed they started using what I later found out are called ‘Dazzlers’. They’re these really high-powered lights, coloured lights, and they shine them into the rear-view mirrors – from the vehicle behind – to dazzle the driver, so that the driver loses their vision. In a situation when you’re on a one-lane-each-way windy cliff-top road at night, losing your vision is really not a good thing.

Diary of a Person of Interest

And she expands in another transcript to Occupy Asylum on Voices Network saying,

In the movie I talk about how they tried to drive me and my children off a cliff at night in Northland in a place called Dome Valley. Redstar will know where that is. It’s a really, it’s a blackout area where there’s no mobile coverage and it’s a clifftop, it’s a windy road and it was dark and at night. [Clarification: it was actually between Wellsford and Warkworth, north of Dome Valley. The terrain is identical to Dome Valley and it is as stated a mobile black-out zone.] I was actually coming back from visiting one of our other media team members who had also been really heavily targeted and I was… that incident, we were so close to literally being driven off a cliff that night that whenever I went to visit that media team member again, I would literally call her before I entered the valley and call her immediately after I exited the valley, just so that someone would know, you know, I’m going into this blackout, I will call you as soon as I’m coming out of it. That’s the kind of terror that we would have to face. I would literally not know whether I was going to make it to the other end of my journey or not. And it’s just so unbelievably extreme.

Interview Transcript: Occupy Asylum on Voices Network

Which is quite interesting in itself for the differences between the two descriptions. Most prominently is the use of Dazzlers but there is also the emphasis on the cell phone blackout in one and not in the other.

And why did she keep driving the same way up afterwards?

There are three ways I can think of to go up to Wellsford, two of which are state highways. There was no need to go through the same valley.

Here is another from Contraspin,

May 11, 2014: The children and I are returning from Northland when we are boxed in by multiple unknown vehicles and “dazzlers” are used to attempt to cause us to cross the center-line/drive off the cliff in a blind spot of a cellular deadzone in Dome Valley, north of Auckland. It is Mother’s Day.

Contraspin: FVEY vs Kim Dotcom

So now we have multiple unknown vehicles instead of two. Very dramatic.

Even more interesting is when you mix in this supportive tail from Lyn Ny, another member of the Occupy Media Team where she says,

Lyn Ny: No doubt at all. At the time it seemed far fetched but in light of what happened to Hone Harawira and then later to me in Dome Valley I have no doubt at all. Suzie was and probably still is of sufficient interest to warrant this kind of fear tactic and who knows how far they would go? I dont think they would mind if they ran her off the road and killed her or the kids and I wouldnt be surprised if that was their aim.

Kiwi Activist Lyn Ny: “It Is Deadly Dangerous To Speak Against The Government

An interesting part of all of this is that in Contraspin what supposedly happened to Suzie Dawson happened before Hone Harawira. Lyn Ny says she was after Hone so the timeline is,

  • Suzie Dawson
  • Hone Harawira
  • Lyn Ny

Except we can discount Hone because according to him what happened was he sneezed.

“I must have sneezed or coughed or something but all of a sudden – I was heading home through the Mangamuka Gorge and the next thing I know I’m heading into the bushes, the car flipped and went straight down the bank, on its roof, and crashed into the tree before it went into the river.
“I’m very lucky, actually, to have come out of it alive.”

RNZ: Crash charges possible, Harawira says

So now we have two members of the Occupy Media Team with fairly much exactly the same story in exactly the same place. Both were supposedly failed attempts at assassination, so badly failed that all the people are alive and unharmed.

What is missing here is evidence. This is the other strange thing about these stories. Both of these people are supposed to be very media wise but, as yet, there are no photos, images, video of where it happened….nothing except a couple of tweets where there doesn’t seem to be any assassination attempt and it sounds like there was quite a bit of traffic.

Was it a valley or a windy cliff top? Suzie calls the place where the intelligence services tried to assassinate her both a valley and a windy cliff top. This doesn’t add any veracity to her story either especially if you look at the rather short distance between Dome Valley and Wellsford. It was in that area that she says this happened. She says she was returning so she was heading South presumably and that doesn’t actually leave any dangerous cliff top road nor dangerous valley road. In fact the only part of that road that I would consider dangerous isn’t where she says the incident happened.

So lets look at Suzie Dawsons tweet of the event as referenced by Contraspin above.

Suzie Assassination tweet
Suzie Assassination tweet

For starters, the, “I have just had someone try and assassinate me” tweet doesn’t actually have anything about assassination and certainly doesn’t read like an assassination tweet ( For the book, I have no idea what one does sound like). Additionally, it doesn’t have many re-tweets which is rather strange for someone who says she was at the forefront of Occupy’s media.

It confirms there were other cars around. It says the other person in the thread said,”like I said call local radio to alert others and see if anyone else affected, otherwise too easily dismissed as random”. Did she? I have never seen that police report and it is instantly recognised that this could be a random act. Tony Serve seems more concerned that the incident might have happened, or will happen, to others than giving advice to someone who was being targeted for assassination by the government.

Contrary to her comment about being boxed in, the tweet says another car was able to come between her and the assassins.

And, if you are trying to kill someone, there are a lot better ways than waiting in the same place for months, somehow boxing them in the dark, and in traffic, until they reach an area where you can pass and blind them from behind with a dazzler (military grade weapon) in the hopes they will drive off the road. What if they adjusted their rear view mirror?

Here is a link(youtube) to the U.S. military using a green light dazzler. It seems incredibly hard to use in a still situation, let alone in a mobile one. The videos with mobile dazzlers appear to be computer controlled and mounted.

This is another tweet she links to in support of her attempted assassination.

Suzie Dawson assassination tweet part 2
Suzie Dawson assassination tweet part 2

Notice again the lack of retweets or any mention of assassination attempt. This tweet actually came first as well….almost an hour first. Who has someone try and assassinate them, tweets about it, and then one hour later tweets again with no mention of assassination?

What is far more likely is that Suzie got passed by some people driving up State Highway 1 at speed who pulled in behind her and flashed their lights before passing. Those people may have been assholes but they weren’t assassins and there is nothing to say that they were government agents of either New Zealand or some foreign country. That claim seems to come entirely from Suzie’s imagination. It is highly possible the rest has as well.

Based on what I have been able to find, Suzie Dawsons claim that the government tried to assassinate her appears to be entirely false and she has spent much of the last five years lying to people about it. Worse, people have actually believed her and given her money in support. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof and she has failed to, and refuses to, present any believable proof at all.

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