Disable AnyDesk from starting up in KDE Neon

I recently downloaded and installed AnyDesk but it has been annoying me that it automatically starts up on boot. I went to Startup and Shutdown in the System Settings and it wasn’t listed there and it wasn’t until I searched for the process that I realised it runs as a root process as well. Luckily this means it can be disabled using systemctl by issuing the terminal command,

sudo systemctl disable anydesk

2 thoughts on “Disable AnyDesk from starting up in KDE Neon”

    • Should be perfect. Anydesk adds itself as an auto service startup under systemctl. Removing /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/anydesk.service stops it begin read as a startup service. It is quite annoying actually. I would want it running when i asked, not all the time.


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