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Free cloud storage with Mega

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Mega is a secure cloud storage provider that offers at least 5GB of free encrypted storage. It also has apps for mobile and desktop and extensions for Firefox and Chromium. It is a great option to sync your important files between your devices, upload your photos from you phone or share files with your friends.

Installing Mega on KDE neon requires a couple of things. The first is an account with Mega. You can register with their service here. After registration you will want to go here to download the sync client. For your distro choose Ubuntu 18.04, 64 bit, and then click on the Linux button to download the file.

Once downloaded you have two options

The first is to go to the directory the file downloaded into and select the file causing it to open up in Discover (KDE neons app installer). Once open there will be an install button on the top right that you can select and then enter your admin password to install the file.

Alternatively you can go the directory in Konsole either by navigating there with cd commands or by going in the File Explorer, right clicking in some white space and choosing Actions/Open terminal here. The install the package by typing,

sudo pkcon install-local megasync-xUbuntu_18.04_amd64.deb

After installation you can open Mega Sync in the Applications Menu by going to Applications/Internet. After it opens it will ask you for your user name and password and which folder you want to sync (although it has already created one called Mega).

A couple of other things

When you install Mega you get certain amounts of storage that usually adds up to 50GB or so at first.....this is true but only temporary. Each of these storage awards are time limited so if you want to not have to pay for storage then stay under 5GB.

On install Mega Sync will add itself to the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ which means it will show up in your updates. This is perfectly normal and to be expected.

I use Mega to sync all my passwords created in KeePassX.