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FTP with Filezilla

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Filezilla is one of the best File Transfer Protocol (FTP) programs around and is so popular that many hosting sites give step by step instructions on how to use it to access them. There is also a site manager so it is easy to setup and save multiple servers for quick access.

To install Filezilla on KDE neon open up Konsole and type,

sudo apt install filezilla

After installation it can be found in the Applications Menu under Applications/Internet or by selecting the Applications Menu and typing its name.

Apart from setting up the site manger for my connections the only other thing I do in Filezilla is to set up the default text editor I want to use. This can be done by going to Edit and then Settings and selecting File Editing. I use KWrite to edit my text files so in the File Editing settings I choose Use custom editor: and then enter the path for KWrite. This can be done either by browsing to the executable or by entering it manually. On KDE neon KWrite is found under,


so if you want to use that, just copy and paste that into the text box and select OK to save the modification.