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How to find your tools?

masonbee Ideas

I am sure everybody else is as sick of loosing their tools as I am. Where the hell has the spanner gone, or the drill bits? It also seems like the perfect opportunity for technology to make a difference in the lives of frustrated tool finders.

Why don't we have tools that you can register in your workshop and then when you can't find it you just look on your laptop.

Imagine this. John is trying to get the spark plug out of his bike but can't find the right socket because the kids used the socket set on their bikes. Instead of getting frustrated, John goes to his laptop and searches the list of tools he has registered on it until he finds the correct one and it shows that the socket set is in the back left corner of the shed. He looks over, it's under a pile of motorbike wheels. He would never have found that.

That sounds remarkably easy and most of it could be done with a laptop and a scanner/sensor and either an embedded hardware id or an attachable one or a pen that you can write on a tool with.

Steve Partridge / Lost Tools (2), via Wikimedia Commons