The failure of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a tricky problem for computer scientists. They seem to be able to make programs that are good at one thing or another but not programs that do anything outside of the constraints. Perhaps this is because human intelligence lies not so much in the individual as in our societies. […]

Smokers Party

I don’t know what it is like in other parts of the world but in New Zealand smokers are getting shafted by constant price rises that are supposed to stop people smoking. For instance the Ministry of Health says “About 600,000 adults (15.7%) were current smokers, down from 20.1% in 2006/07.” which pretty much means […]

Star projector that tells stories

Wouldn’t it be cool to not only learn about the stars as a child but to learn the mythology and stories intertwined with them. Imagine going to bed and hearing how Kupe navigated to New Zealand. Watching the stars come together in a story as someone narrates the tale. It could even gently get quieter […]

Libraries should be server farms

Libraries have a long history of being the center of a community’s ongoing education and a repository of their history. The libraries should be server farms idea doesn’t intend to stop that, just to place libraries as the central place of backup and personal history for individuals. Imagine being able to back up your life […]