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Independent Fast Foods Certification

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This idea came out of being on a street corner in Paris and realising the opposite there was a McDonalds on one corner and a Burger King on the other. How could smaller food companies compete against these homogenised corporate giants? Why do people go to McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc...?


They are considered makers of fast food. You aren't going to be waiting for your order for a long time after you have ordered it. This doesn't mean you won't be standing in line a long time before you can order...just afterwards.


You have a general idea of the price of a basic food unit. There is generally a large colourful poster around to inform you as well. Burger & fries & drink for under $10. This gives you an initial expectation of cheapness and even though you end up spending $20 including add-ons you could have got the basic if you had chosen too.


You might assume you will get sick from eating to much fast food but you generally don't assume you will get sick from bad hygiene.


You know what you are in for when you enter one of the larger chains. The service might not be perfect, the surroundings plastic, the smell fatty, and the people gastric but it is consistent. You aren't going to enter to wait twenty minutes for horrible food while the chef talks on his phone and shouts at his child.

Independent Fast Foods Certification

So why not an independent fast food certification? Each fast food establishment that is certified has to be,

  • Less that ten outlets
  • Have a meal that can be produced in under five minutes from order
  • That meal has to be food and drink
  • That meal has to be under $10
  • They have to be certified to a standard of hygiene
  • They have to fulfil certain customer service standards

That doesn't seem all that hard to do. And next time I went to go to McDonalds I could look on my IFF app and see that in my area there are ten different IFF providers that are a lot more interesting and tasty and provide the same level of service.