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Installing Calibre, the e-book manager

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Calibre is a fantastic e-book manager with previews, import and export, format changing, pretty much the whole she-bang but the version in the distribution repos is often out of date. On KDE neon, because it uses an updated version of a library, it refuses to install at all. The official Calibre site even goes so far as to say,

"Please do not use your distribution provided calibre package, as those are often buggy/outdated. Instead use the Binary install described below. "

So here we go. To install Calibre on KDE neon open Konsole and type,

sudo -v && wget -nv -O- | sudo sh /dev/stdin

Enter your password and sit back while it installs itself. After installation it can be found in the KDE menu under Applications/Office or by searching in the top of the menu.

Tips and Tricks

Calibre is pretty straight forward and the only thing I usually change on install is where the library is. I prefer it to be a sub folder of the Documents folder. Personal preference though.