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Installing Chromium on KDE neon


Chromium is the open source base for Google's Chrome browser which dominates the browser market to the point where many sites don't work with other browsers like Firefox. While Chromium isn't the most politically correct choice of browser (In my view it is still too tied to Google) but it is probably a better browser in many ways.

To install Chromium browser on KDE neon open Konsole and type,

sudo apt install chromium-browser

After installation you can start Chromium by going to the start menu and either searching or going to Applications/Internet and selecting the icon.

Tips and tricks

I have Chromium installed but I don't tend to use it so much, basically only when Firefox doesn't work on something. The first thing I do after I install it though is to go to the Duck Duck Go start page and follow the instructions to install DDG as the default search engine and while doing that delete all the other search engines already installed in Chromium.