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For those of you who don't know. I am a huge fan of @jimmysllama on Twitter. If I was to do a movie quote it would be something like,

In a world without truth, one woman stood against the darkness fighting not just for her soul, but for ours.

Epic movie

Actually, I don't know if he or she is a woman or a man. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that there is someone on Twitter who has the guts to ask the hard questions and not let things slide. And it isn't like I haven't been at the pointy end of her questions and it is hard. You have to think and god forbid if you try and obfuscate but, in the end, being questioned by her makes you a better person...or at least a hell of a lot more careful about following your professed morals.

The Background

Anyway, this is a little bit of a tribute to her for sticking to her guns and came about after John Kariakou, a fairly well known CIA whistle-blower, was recorded talking on the radio and said that he had been told by Julian Assange's lawyers that ...well, here is the text and video.

At least those attorneys of Julian's with whom I have spoken, believe that the extradition will happen and that's why he is as depressed as he reportedly is.

Radio interview

Interview excerpt from the Twitter exchange.

Or in other words he basically said that the lawyers had told him (In what I would consider a breach or client confidentiality) and he was telling the world including all the people out there desperately trying to support Assange and get him released that the fight was useless and there was no hope. At least that is the way that everybody took it at the time.

He then doubled down on this saying,

They recognise that the fix is in. They're just being realistic.

Twitter conversation.

To clarify, the saying, "the fix is in" in this case means,

- used to say that the outcome of something, such as a game or contest, is being controlled or affected in a dishonest way.

Merriam Webster

Which led to this...

The Conversation


Maybe someone needs to have a chit chat with @JohnKiriakou, find out what the fuck is going on, and get back to the rest of us. #Assange

Former CIA officer and @couragefound board member @JohnKiriakou doubles down on #Assange's lawyers telling him that they don't expect to win and that their client will be extradited to the US. I don't even know what to say anymore. @suigenerisjen@wikileaks@khrafnsson@auerfeld

John Kiriakou

If you have some unique inside information about how Julian can win this case, then offer it up. Otherwise, STFU and stop pointing fingers when you don’t know WTF you’re talking about.


I don't know WTF I'm talking about, are you sure? Well then let's talk about what I do know, shall we? I know that the one thing that would prevent extradition is enormous public pressure, the very thing you spent over a year helping to destroy—

Instead, supporters are generally ignored and met with harassment, stonewalling, utter confusion, lack of clarification, opposing stories, the never ending “he’s practically dead” tactic, and comments like yours.

by promoting ad nauseam Dawson, her billionaire felon sidekick, and a core group of people that attacked, threatened, harassed, and smeared legitimate supporters and a prominent whistleblower attorney god only knows how many times.

My guess is that you don’t particularly like being called out because you rarely are due to what you’ve done in terms of bringing truth and transparency to the American public—an extraordinarily risky and honorable undertaking if there ever was one.

But don’t confuse your inability to take responsibility for damaging the one thing that could save Julian with your previous noble endeavors. One is not at all the same as the other.

What I also know is that along with the fascist grifting garbage movement you promoted, you probably should have been more careful about who you promoted as a public figure. Don’t you owe that to the public, to supporters, or no? Do you always blindly follow?

My guess is the answer is no, ur not a sheep, but if you want to push a narrative that many of us knew how evil Unity4J was—you were even warned—and yet you, a former CIA intelligence agent, never made that connection, be my guest. I’m happy to stand alone in not believing u.

Lastly, I know this campaign is filled with malicious, malevolent actors intent on killing Assange’s support, some of whom you promoted religiously, and that people in the public eye have made sure a dark cloud hangs over this campaign.

There are no cheer fests for supporters who get thousands of signatures on a petition to help Julian. There is no, “Hey great job on that protest you put together all on your own, thank you,” and rarely is there public acknowledgement of supporters' hard work.

WL, attorneys, or Hrafnnson don't say in public, “We are going to FIGHT AND WIN!” Never. So, if you want to shit all over the hard work that supporters have done —because according to you it's been in vain — carry on. I hope it motivates everyone to prove your statements wrong.

If you think I don’t know WTF I’m talking about, here this: What I’m talking about is something you helped to destroy and what YOU said during an interview. You didn’t just imply that Julian’s lawyers are telling him he will lose the case and he will indeed be extradited,

You literally said he was depressed over it—why would he be unless the attorneys were saying that to him? Or you're misinformed. Or worse. Do you think people like Pamela Anderson are saying these things to him during their visits? Don’t be absurd, she’s not a monster.

And the simple fact that ur chalking up his depression to his attorneys w/out referencing he’s been tortured for years and is now wrongfully imprisoned makes your motives questionable at best. If I wanted to get super conspiratorial I might suggest...well never mind.

So Mr. Kiriakou, what I can offer up to you is for you to get on board with legit supporters who are working for Julian, not for themselves, prestige, or bitcoin. If there's anything that will stop this extradition, it's a large non-fascist working class movement of the people.

In conclusion

And that folks is why everybody should follow @jimmysllama because she didn't back down, not because she got her back up or her knickers in a twist, but because she can think and because she cares. And that is something we need a lot more of in this world.

I would suggest you follow her on Twitter if you are able and/or on her Patreon account. If it seems a little overwhelming at first, stick with it, she knows her stuff.