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Julian Assange Court Dates


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It is quite hard to find the correct court dates for Julian Assanges upcoming hearings so here they are. If you want to add others then please contact us including a reference for the assertion.

Court DateReasonLocationReferenceCommentary
13/09/2019Technical hearingWestminster Magistrates Court1
11/10/2019Administrative hearingWestminster Magistrates CourtWorld Socialist Website
21/10/2019Case management hearingWestminster Magistrates CourtWorld Socialist Website1
18/11/2019Mandatory administrative hearingWestminster Magistrates Court1
13/12/2019Mandatory administrative hearingWestminster Magistrates CourtSputnik News1
18/12/2019Deadline for evidenceWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks
19/12/2019Case management case (to review the progress of the case, including evidence submitted)Westminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks
20/12/2019Assange giving evidence in Spanish CIA spying caseVideo LinkEl Pais
07/02/2020Deadlines for bundle submission by both sidesWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks
11/02/2020Deadline for defence skeleton argumentWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks
18/02/2020Deadline for prosecution skeleton argumentWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks
25/02/2020Extradition hearing beginsWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks