KDE Neon 18.04

Weirdly I have found myself back on KDE Neon having spent quite a lot of time using the Gnome environment in various distributions. And I like Gnome, except for the side dock which I then moved to the bottom with Dash to Dock and the applications menu which I hid. Then I found an extension called Dash to Panel which combines the the dash and panel into a single bar like on Windows 7…..at which point it seemed strange to stay with Gnome if the paradigm I was slowly heading towards was KDE so here I am back again.

After install there aren’t many applications installed so my first installation is going to be Synaptic (muon comes so close but doesn’t let you right click and choose). It still rules the graphical installers as far as I am concerned for a couple of reasons.

  • It doesn’t install the selected programs until the end.
  • You can right click a program to choose complementary programs.

I could do it all on the command line but why bother. GUI’s are better for some things. That is why we have them. To get there we have to use the terminal though and enter,

sudo apt install synaptic

press enter, type our password and let Synaptic install. The only problem with it really is that it seems to do nothing sometimes while searching but if you look around it will probably say ‘rebuilding search index’ somewhere. It spends and annoying amount of time doing this.

I am going to search and install (right click and mark for installation).

  • Bluefish – An advanced Gtk+ text editor for web and software development.
  • Calligra – An extensive productivity and creative suite.
  • Digikam – A digital photo management application for KDE.
  • Elisa – A simple music player aiming to provide a nice experience for its users.
  • Falkon – A lightweight web browser based on Qt WebEngine.
  • Filezilla – A full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client.
  • GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  • KDE Network Filesharing – A network filesharing configuration module.
  • KeePassX – A Cross Platform Password Manager.
  • Kffmpegthumbnailer – A video thumbnailer for KDE
  • Netbeans – An extensible Java IDE.
  • Samba – A SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix.
  • Thunderbird – Email, RSS and newsgroup client with integrated spam filter.
  • Virtualbox – An x86 virtualization solution.
  • Xul-ext-lightning – A calendar Extension for Thunderbird.

The reasons for my software choices are mostly suit my own needs. Bluefish is handy for web design. Calligra probably isn’t as featured as Libre Office but does enough for me. Digikam is the king of picture managers. Elisa is in beta but will hopefully grow to replace Amarok and Clementine as KDE’s music players. Falkon is a lightweight, privacy orientated browser based on Chromium. Filezilla for web design mostly. GIMP to play with images. KDE network filesharing to make sharing over the network easier by placing an extra sharing tab on the right click properties dialouge of files and folders.  KeePassX is how I create and store my passwords. Kffmpegthumbnailer to add the option to see thumbnails in the Dolphin browser. Netbeans for writing Java. Samba for filesharing with windows machines. Vitualbox to run other operating systems and Xul-ext-lightning to add calendar features to Thunderbird.

Speaking of Thunderbird. Originally I was going to use Kontact, KDE’s flagship email, calendar, addressbook, etc… I even installed it and it didn’t work. The Akonadi server refused to start so I messed around for fifteen minutes before deciding that if I can’t trusted it to start now, why should I trust it in the future and decided to go with Thunderbird.

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