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KDE neon Google Drive setup

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Setting up Google Drive access in KDE neon is very simple.

Installing Google Drive

Open Konsole and type,

sudo apt-get install kio-gdrive

Then, once it has installed,  open your menu and go to System Settings. You should find a new feature under Personalisation called Online Accounts. Clicking the plus sign in this will allow you to enter your Google credentials and password and authorise KDE to access your Google Drive.

After setup a window should open showing your files. I bookmarked it by highlighting and dragging the address left into my Places. If you forget to do that you can always access it by typing,

gdrive:/<insert your email address here>/

into the address bar of Dolphin.

If you are unable to find your photos on the Drive you will need to adjust some settings in the Drive so that it backs up your photos.  If you are unable to see photos you have uploaded to the Drive then you need to activate it in Google Photos.