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KDE neon - Making my perfect desktop


For starters, I am going to skip the installation of KDE neon. It's easy, you just follow the instructions and select install updates and third party drivers. This will concentrate on what I do after first login and what I install, both as a record for myself and out of possible interest to others.

Install updates

sudo pkcon update

You could use apt if you wanted but there is some alternate advice for KDE neon when doing updates.

Remove Snapd

This is a pet peeve of mine. I am sure loads of people love snapd but I don't. If I have too, I prefer a Flatpak.

sudo apt remove snapd

Installing programs

sudo apt install clementine digikam filezilla keepassx kcolorchooser kfind krita kubuntu-restricted-extras kup-backup libreoffice partitionmanager soundkonverter virtualbox thunderbird transmission

You can mix or match these as you wish but basically I use,

Additional programs

The following programs need adjustments to be made to repositories, etc... before being installed. Follow the link to find instructions on installing each of them.

Additional changes