La Bastide to Serremejan

Serremejan is an abandoned village in the middle of the woods not to far from the source of the Lot. It was actually a really nice days walk to get there. Although I was still coughing bitterly in the morning once my lungs dried out I would be fine until the evening although my stamina was still pretty bad.

There were a couple of really nice villages on the way though, one named Chasserades and the other Mirandol. Mirandol reminded me of Dave Harre with a huge railway bridge made of stone going straight over the valley with the village nestled at the base of it. After that was l’Estampe and then a long walk up into the hills before descending back down to Serremejan.

We could really face the hill after Serremejan so we decided to stay there. Angelynn found a spring so we had water and we set up the tend slightly off the trail in the pine trees, explored the ruins and went to sleep.

Long hill
Top of the hill.

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