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Le Bouchet St Nicolas to Pradelles

Luckily the top of my backpack comes off and forms a day bag so I had almost everything I needed for the walk (sans backpack) today without having to carry the whole thing and it was a nice walk. We dropped our packs off to be transported and set out fairly early, stopping at Landos for a coffee and  past a railway bridge where people waved at us as they propelled themselves along the old railway on small carriages.

Lunch was on the side of the track on a farm and then we went up a long hill that seemed to stretch forever in the hot sun. Bert is very interesting to walk with. He recognizes lots of plants and isn't afraid to eat them, wild kale, blackberries, raspberries, broccoli, and others. He had also decided to carry food so he looked like he was on a shopping trip with a large supermarket bag and a straw hat.

Once again our stamina faded in the afternoon so we had lunch in Pradelles (Angelynn was accused by the waiter of not being able to read French) and instead of just picking up our bags and carrying on we decided to camp there. Unfortunately there was a paddock beside the campground and the cow bells were extremely noisy. Poor cows should go mad from the noise but they don't seem to.