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Bert looks at castle

Le Monastier sur Gazeille to le Bouchet St Nicolas

Looking back it is amazing how fast my hiking crumbled under the onslaught of flu. It was hot but there was only one steep hill near the town of Goudet and we made the 24km to our destination but by the time we arrived there Bert and I were wrecked. We managed a short walk to Lac du Bouchet for a swim and then returned to the town where Bert fell asleep straight after dinner. Angelynn and I decided to make things a little easier the next day by having Bert and my packs transported to Pradelles. Our destination was supposed to be Langogne for the day but this meant it could also be a shorter day if we wished.

Lac du Bouchet is well worth the visit although for some reason we didn't get any photos. Yet again I blame the flu. The campground wasn't quite as good but there was a little shop that sold roast chicken that made me happy.