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Le Puy-en-Velay to le Monastier sur Gaze

Up shortly before dawn (hmmmm...that reminds me of TA) we staggered up to the church for the pilgrims blessing which was very nice. We did feel a little like we were cheating as we weren't actually pilgrims but the priest seemed totally used to that and was very inclusive.

Church at the top of Le Puy-en-Valey

It was probably about eight o'clock by the time we started walking up over the hill out of the valley and through fields of wheat and flowers. This was the first time that Bert had been on a multi day hike but he handled it well especially since he was still sick. I was not doing so well but we both kept on going. The temperature must have been near to 30 degrees but the trail was quite flat until after le Monastier sur Gaze where there was a steep hill to where Angelynn wanted to camp. It is possible the hill was made slightly more arduous by the swim and the beer at the bottom but we ended up camping in a farmers field with a magnificent view.