Learning French in Paris, Leçon 1 – 1

Crépieux, G. Massé, O. Rousse, J. (2013) Interactions 1: Méthode De Français (Course material for Français langue étrangère at Lycée d’Adultes, Paris)

Vowel sounds

i – as in ici [isi].y – as in unique [ynik].u – as in ouverte [uvɛʁt].
e – as in été [ete].ø – as in Europe [øʁɔp].o – as in aucune [okyn].
ɛ – as in elle [ɛl].œ – as in œil [œːj].ɔ – as in homme [ɔm].
a – as in année [ane].

The main point of the vowel sounds chart is to make you aware of and practice the different sounds in French vowels. Especially the placement and movement of the tongue, lips and movement of the mouth.

Meeting someone (formal)

Person speakingFrenchEnglish
JohnBonsoir Madame.Good evening, Madam.
JaneBonsoir Monsieur.Good evening, Sir.
JohnJe m’appelle John Doe. Et vous, comment vous appellez-vous?My name is John Doe. And what is your name?
JaneMoi, c’est Jane Doe. Enchantée.I am Jane Doe. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Note the formality of the above conversation with the use Bonsoir, Madame, Monsieur and vous.

Meeting someone (informal)

Person speakingFrenchEnglish
JohnSalut. Tu t’appelles comment?Hello. What is your name?
JaneJane. Et toi?Jane. And yours?
JohnMoi, c’est John.Mine is John.
JaneTu habites où, John?Where do you live, John?

In the informal conversation John uses salut for the greeting and toi instead of vous.

Asking someone’s name

You might also ask for somebody else’s name.

Person speakingFrenchEnglish
JohnComment elle s’appelle?What is her name?
JaneElle s’appelle Charlotte.Her name is, Charlotte.

Here, you would be asking for a third persons name. As is is a female you use elle. If it was a man you would use il. For instance,

Person speakingFrenchEnglish
JaneIl s’appelle comment?What is his name?
JohnIl s’appelle Thibault.His name is, Thibault.
JaneEt il habite où?And where does he live?
JohnIl habite à côté de Paris.He lives near Paris.

Other words and phrases

Vous vous appelles comment?What is your name?x
J’habite à Paris.I live in Paris.
Il est nouveau dans le class.He’s new in the class.x


.PointFull stop
?Point d’interrogationQuestion mark
!Point d’exclamation
Exclamation mark
:Deux pointsColon
;Point virguleSemi colon
_Tiret basUnderscore

These notes are from Interactions 1 Méthode de Française A1.1 and where copyrighted work is used it is done so under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.

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