Learning French in Paris, Leçon 1 – 3

Crépieux, G. Massé, O. Rousse, J. (2013) Interactions 1: Méthode De Français (Course material for Français langue étrangère at Lycée d’Adultes, Paris)

Conjugating the verb s’appeler (to be called)

Conjugating the verb s’appeler (to be called) simply means to show the different inflections of the verb. In this case the verb ending changes depending on whether it is being used for “I am called” or “He is called”.

Je m’appelleI am called.
Tu t’appellesYou are called.
Elle/Il s’appelle.She/He is called.
Nous nous appelons.We are called.
Vous vous appellez.You are called (formal).
Ils/Elles s’appellent.They are called.

The trick to this is in the ending of the verb s’appeler. If the subject is je, il, or elle then the verb ends with e. For tu it ends with es and for vous it ends with ez. The table below shows the full range.

FrenchChanged endingWith s’appeller
JeeJe m’appelle
TuesTu t’appelles
Elle/IleElle s’appelle
NousonsNous nous appelons
Vous vous appelez
Ils/EllesentIls s’appellent

Elles, the feminine plural of ‘they’ isn’t used unless the group is purely female. Ils covers mixed sexes as well.

Masculine and Feminine

Words in French can be spelt differently depending on whether they are masculine or feminine. A common example of this is the addition of the e to feminine words although in some cases there is a completely different spelling such as with nouveau and nouvelle.

EnchantéeIt’s a pleasure to meet you. (Feminine)
EnchantéIt’s a pleasure to meet you. (Masculine)
John est nouveau.John is new. (Masculine)
Jane est nouvelle.Jane is new. (Feminine)
Ravie de faire votre connaissance.It’s a pleasure to meet you. (Feminine)
Ravi de faire votre connaissance.It’s a pleasure to meet you. (Masculine)

Other words and phrases

Elle s’appelle Jane Doe.Her name is Jane Doe.
Elle habite à Paris.She lives in Paris.
Dans le quartier Latin.In the Latin quarter.
Elle est nouvelle dans la classe.She is new in the class.
Mon voison.My neighbour.
Prénom et nom.First name and name.
Nom du famile.Family name.

These notes are from Interactions 1 Méthode de Française A1.1 and where copyrighted work is used it is done so under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.

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