Learning French in Paris, Leçon 2 – 2

Crépieux, G. Massé, O. Rousse, J. (2013) Interactions 1: Méthode De Français (Course material for Français langue étrangère at Lycée d’Adultes, Paris)

When speaking in French there is a rhythm and a tone. The tone is easy, at the end of very grouping of syllables you raise the tone of your voice until the last one where you don’t, unless the sentence is a question. Rhythm I find harder.

The example given in the book is,

Elle est anglais et elle est artiste.
E/lle es/t an/glaise/ et /e/lle es/t ar/tiste.

Which should sound like ‘El les tan glaise ……… et el les tar tiste’ with the high tone at the end of glaise.

Identification or business card

A good way to practice some of the ways to give information is to present a fiche d’information, or information sheet, with someone’s details on it. Something like,

  • Prenom (first name)
  • Nom (family name or nom de famille)
  • Nationalité (nationality)
  • Ville (city)
  • Pays (country)

For instance if I had a friend from Spain called Sarah Lopez who lives in Paris I might say,

Je présente Sarah. Elle nom est Lopez et elle prénom est Sarah. Elle est espagnole et elle habite à Paris. Son pays est l’Espagnol.

Although, depending on how formal the occasion was I might have started with, je vous présente Sarah. It is also possible I would have said her profession such as, elle est avocate.

A slight more fun way to practice is to go the Fake Name Generator and create random French people.

Fake person

Tyson DuLin
11, rue Isambard

Mother’s maiden name: Perreault


Country code: 33

Birthday: January 28, 1993

Age: 26 years old

Email Address: TysonDuLin@dayrep.com

Website: LiteracyChannel.fr

Company: H.C. Bohack

Occupation: Decontamination technician

Height: 5′ 8″ (172 centimeters)

Weight: 164.8 pounds (74.9 kilograms)

Favorite color: Green

Vehicle: 1998 Nissan Gloria

These notes are from Interactions 1 Méthode de Française A1.1 and where copyrighted work is used it is done so under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.

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