Learning French in Paris, Leçon 2 – 5

Crépieux, G. Massé, O. Rousse, J. (2013) Interactions 1: Méthode De Français (Course material for Français langue étrangère at Lycée d’Adultes, Paris)

Describing people

Describing people is a very useful skill to have and much of it replies on the Conjugaison du verbe être we covered in Leçon 2 – 3. There are also some professions and nationalities in there if you need help.

The basics of it are,

Il est musicien.He is a musician.
Elle est etudiante.She is a student.
Il est professeur.He is a professor.
Elle est ecrivaine.She is a writer.
Il est journalist.He is a journalist.
Il est Japonais.He is Japanese.
Elle est Anglaise.She is English.

Another good way to practice though is to use a site like Random Lists to generate random famous people.

Random People
Random People

Using a list like this we might say,

Il s’appelle Robert De Niro et il est comédien.

How many syllables does each word have?

Polonais, australienne, belge, chinoise, suisse, indien, française, coréenne, russe, journaliste, peintre, musicien, étudiante, cuisinière.


These notes are from Interactions 1 Méthode de Française A1.1 and where copyrighted work is used it is done so under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.

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