Learning French in Paris, Leçon 3 – 4

Meat and Paint

Pronouncing [a], [ã], [o] and [õ]

The tilda over a letter such as ã denoted the use of the nasal form. For instance in the word papa the a is said differently to the first ã sound in maman.

Consider these words,


A short play

MNon, je m’appelle Michael.No, I am called Michael.
TJe suis désolé.Sorry.
MC’est bon.It’s fine.
WTiens. Les garçons.Here they are. The boys.
T+MC’est Martin!It’s Martin!
WNon. C’est encore Marianna.No. It is still Marianna.
TVoici ma carte, Martin.Here is my card,Martin.
MAh ! Tu es dentiste.Ah! You are a dentist.
TOui, et toi ?Yes, and you?
MJe suis éducateur.I am a teacher.
TTu as un numéro de portable ?Do you have a mobile number?
WMoi ? C’est 06 07 08 08 09 10.Me. It is 06 07 08 08 09 10.
TEt toi Martin?And you, Martin?
M06 07 08 09 1006 07 08 09 10
TMais, c’est la meme choose?But, it is the same?
MBien sur…Of course…
TAhhh, OK. Au revoir.Ahhh, OK. Goodbye.
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