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Letter of Complaint to Jo Booth (Internet Party secretary) 26/06/2019

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In another effort to get the Internet Party Secretary Jo Booth to start disciplinary action against Suzie Dawson I have laid another official complaint. So far I have done so for,

And in each case I have provided evidence of my accusations. Also, in each case Jo Booth has refused to refer the complaint to the Executive Committee. Of course, this would be a process where the accused would be investigating herself so it is really a waste of time but what it does show is how utterly biased the Secretary appears to be when dealing with Suzie Dawson.

But, to prove my point. Yesterday I lodged a complaint against Suzie Dawson with, yet again, clear evidence of breaching the Party Objectives and bringing the Party into disrepute. The evidence referenced is contained in my response to her legal attack on me where she sought to have parts of my website taken down or removed and to stop me writing about her in the future.

An attempt that failed badly.

My complaint

Yet again I am going to have to lay a complaint against Suzie Dawson as she has brought the Party into disrepute again by seeking to use the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 to censor a Party Member. This is also a contravention of the objectives of the Party. Namely,

3.1.6 To champion the freedom of access, use, and delivery of the internet and digital communications in New Zealand

I enclose a copy of her allegations and my response and await your reply.


Complaint to the Secretary 26/06/19

The Secretary's response

No XXXX, I do not wish to accept your complaint. I suggest you cease from alleging anything regards the Party and engage constructively with the Executive to shape the future rather than trying to revise past history.

Reply from the Secretary 26/06/19

Again the Secretary misses the point. It is almost as if he is trying to be incompetent. There is no allegation against the Party in my complaint and if you look at my previous conversations with the Executive I was quite comfortably trying to engage them until Suzie Dawson took issue with me calling her out for spouting bullshit.

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