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Lollypop music player

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Recently it has been a bit of a search for a better music player for me. On KDE neon and Kubuntu I have tended to settle on Clementine which still seems to be the best even though it hasn't been properly ported to KDE5 yet. On Gnome I was at a bit of a loss. I like Rhythmbox, the default player, but it doesn't save to the tags so if you change players at some point in the future then you might have lost all your meta-data. I tried Banshee but it crashed too often for me, Exaile's PPA does work, Gnome Music is a little too simple...I might be fussy.

And then I though I would try Lollypop and I have been pleasantly surprised. It isn't complex, but it has enough to keep me interested. The layout is nice. I like being able to see all the album covers and best of all it just seem to work. It did recommend that I install kid3-cli and youtube-dll for a better experience but hell, it told me what the packages were without me having to search all over the place for why something wasn't working.

My only concern with it currently is that I am unsure if it is writing anything to tags but I'll do some tests at some other point about that. Some people say just use Easytag or Kid3 but I want things to update as I go.

To install Lollypop, on Ubuntu 18.04 based distributions, type,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnumdk/lollypop

to add the repository and then,

sudo apt install lollypop kid3-cli youtube-dll

You don't actually need kid3-cli and youtube-dll but installing them adds functionality so remove them from the command if not wanted.