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Luc to La Bastide

Short day with a steep start up out of Luc. My phone is fully flat now so no pictures so I will have to steal someone elses. We are going to come back around to La Bastide after staying at Catherine's the night. Angelynn showed us a neat trick today. A couple was trying to get their donkey (Modestine? I assume they are all called Modestine as Robert Louis Stevenson's donkey was) through a couple of boulders and having no luck and Angelynn showed them that you push the donkeys shoulders from side to side it will start walking forward.

We took another shortcut after that to end up in La Bastide on time to be picked up but due to a misunderstanding we ended up waiting there for four hours before Remy arrived. Then it was back to their house at La Chasette, shower and dinner.

Dinner was amazing. They had made escargo with epinade (snails and spinach) for us and invited lots of other people as well. I can't say I was in good form and spent my time quietly eating large amounts of snails which are a little like poor mans paua in NZ (Cats eyes). Bert did magnificently at the head of the table laughing and carrying the conversation. At least until he found out that Remy had designed and programmed the Catia CAD program which Bert uses at university for Aeronautics. After that he went a little bit shy and starstruck as it basically turns out that Remy is Berts kind of superstar.