m2070w – Connecting to WiFi

Having just spent the better part of a day trying to get a Samsung M2070W to connect to a wireless network I thought I should post how to do it for those that come after.

m2070w connection – Easy steps

  1. Make sure the wireless network is on WPA2-PSK/AES.
  2. If there is a version 1 and 2 of WPA2 then make it version 1.
  3. Make sure Wireless Direct printing is on on the printer.
  4. Download the Samsung Mobile Print app on your phone.
  5. Follow the Printer Wi-Fi Setup instructions on the app.

That is it. After hours of buggering around in a Mac and Linux environment unable to access the settings of the printer through its physical interface it turned out to be relatively painless once the right settings were enabled.

Some further thoughts on the Samsung m2070w

Don’t buy it. Really, if they are going to make it that hard to connect in a non windows environment then don’t support them. The setup program doesn’t even exist for an updated Mac and since they have been taken over by HP I imagine there isn’t going to be much further support for these printers as well.

It should also be pointed out that the drivers that do exist for it don’t work very well if you connect it to the network through a print server such as a QNAP TS-228. The printer will print but a couple of pages of sparse control characters will print as well. Who knows why. I used the official drivers.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone else to be able to connect it in a slightly less stressful way than I had to.

4 thoughts on “m2070w – Connecting to WiFi”

  1. I addition, I have had huge printing troubles with this machine using Ubuntu up until Ubuntu 20.04 at which point it all seemed to start working properly (including using the official driver) by just connecting to it after a fresh install.

  2. And adding to the above instructions: sometimes this printer does not connect to wifi at all anymore and the blue light stays off. To fix this you need to unplug it from the main power for a few minutes, plug it back in and after a restart it should show up in the list.


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