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masonbee Suzie Dawson

Media Savvy was a company wholly owned by Suzette Dawson from 01 Feb 2012 to 25 Feb 2014 using Matrix Business Services as it's place of registration. Curiously, Suzie Dawson has said that she was doxed,

After unsolicited and aggressive visits from Grace Haden that were extremely disturbing to myself and my children, followed by the publishing of my children’s home address and contact details, I filed police and Privacy Commission complaints, and had Grace Haden trespassed from my property.

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It was at the end of that year, just a couple of months later, that I was publically doxed, information about myself and my kids, our address, our phones numbers, were posted all over the internet.

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Yet her details appear to be publicly available on the companies register. Perhaps it was another address?


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