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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

masonbee Ideas

Which is a perfect good idea now a days. Why isn't there an application where you can say nice things about people and they can hear it when they get up in the morning.

There was a thing I ran into a while ago where people would team up and each day they would send each other the things they appreciated about their lives. It petered out in the end but they came up with quite a few things in the meantime.

Recording them would have been great. It is all to easy to forget the things we are thankful for when we are down. Even easier to forget the things other people are thankful for about ourselves. For some reason it is incredibly hard to see and remember your own good points and all too easy to remember the negative.

So why not have an application on your phone where when somebody who knows you thinks about you or is thankful for you in some way they can record it and you can play it back later.