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Nadine Strossen: How New Zealand should change hate speech laws

masonbee FSUNZ

This is a must watch interview for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, she gives very eloquent and clear descriptions of not only why the New Zealand governments proposed hate speech laws should not be passed but also the problems with the language in the current law.

Secondly, from 6:20 Jack Tame tries to pull her into the Posie Parker protest innocently asking,"How was she not allowed to <speak>?". He then downplays her assault (she had a red liquid poured over her that later turned out to be tomato juice) and then calls the protests largely peaceful (Mostly, because there is footage of things like an elderly woman being assaulted and the podium being overrun). 

The "largely peaceful" assault of a woman

The "largely peaceful" protest

Cherry on the top

And then, as a special cherry on the top, at the protest we had New Zealand's Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence stating,

"I am the (violence prevention) minister - and I know who causes violence in the world - it is white cis men. That is white cis men who cause violence in the world."

The next day she tried to defend herself by saying she was in shock because she had been hit by a motorcycle but if you read more than one newspaper you will find that they start off saying that she had just been hit by a motorcycle and then after a while say that she was hit by a motor cycle, checked out as fine and that it happened before the protests (eg; a couple of hours beforehand).

You be the judge.